Turbo Overhauls

Turbos are at the heart of all modern engines. They enable smaller engines to produce significant power, while maintaining fuel efficiency during everyday driving. Due to the high operating speeds of a turbo, they are prone to wear and tear. Some obvious symptoms of worn turbo may include:
- Blowing smoke
- Wastegate rattle noise
- Over or under boost.

These symptoms result in increased pressure on other engines components, leading to premature failures. While engine speeds usually max out between 6,000 - 6,500rpm on petrol engines, turbo turbines can reach speeds up to 200,000rpm.

At VW Village we offer turbo overhauls for all turbo types, including variable geometry turbos. This service gives your turbo a new life – removing the existing turbo and replacing it with new cores, including exhaust and compressor wheels. Our turbo cores are perfectly balanced to ensure maximum performance and reliability.