Gearbox / Clutches

Gearbox clutches

To increase vehicle performance and response time, car manufacturers have developed Dual Clutch Transmissions, also known as Direct – Shift Gearbox (DSG). This is where two traditional gearboxes and clutches have been meshed into one unit, providing increased fuel economy and seamless shift times. These gearboxes require extra care and regular maintenance and at VW Village, we provide these services, including:

- Transmission servicing, including oil + oil filter replacement for 6 and 7 speed wet clutches
- Mechatronic unit repairs / rebuilds and replacements; and we also replace the solenoids in the 6 speed units with upgraded components to make shifts smoother.
- Dual-clutch and flywheel replacements
- Diagnostics

While all hatches and sedans in the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) now incorporate DSG gearboxes, VW SUVs have maintained the traditional automatic style gearboxes with Torque Converters. We also provide maintenance services for:

Traditional Manual Gearboxes:
- Transmission servicing, including oil
- Clutch and flywheel replacement

Automatic Gearboxes:
- Transmission service, including oil and filter replacement
- Valve body replacements.