Independent VW Mechanical Service. European Motor Mechanic


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VW Village is a full service automotive repair and maintenance centre operating from Kensington in Sydney. We have been servicing cars for over 40 years and have built an enviable reputation for honesty, mechanical know how, customer attention and value for money.

Services we provide include:

Warranty Log Book Servicing

You can still preserve your manufacturers’ warranty and get expert service at competitive rates at VW Village. We off VW and Audi Repairs and Log Book Servicing.

Brake Service
This involves brake shoe and disc pads replacement on front and/or rear wheels. We also do front and rear disc machining on site.

Car Servicing
Major and Minor services includes tune-up, grease and oil change and safety inspection on your VW , Audi or European car.

Clutch Repairs
Full clutch replacement service for your Volkswagen or European car.

Cooling system
Radiator pressure test, inspection of hoses for leaks, checking coolant level and water pump for leaks. Tension belts if needed.

Engine Tuning
Complete VW and Audi engine tune-up, fuel injectors cleaned, air intake system and fuel lines inspected.

Automatic Transmissions
Transmission services, VW Transmission repairs and replacement.

Engine Repairs
We do minor and major VW and Audi engine repairs. We also supply and fit exchange engines and turbos.

Shocks & Suspension
We test and inspect all suspension components for wear.

Rego Inspection / E safety
Roadworthy inspection report. Pink Slips.

Full Air Conditioning Service
Including regas and diagnostics work on your VW or European car.

Authorisation Number: AU18915